不要害怕,今天我们’重新向您展示我们的picks for the top 7 best dumbbells/weights for beginners. Some of these are easily among 您现在可以找到的最佳砝码.



可调节的重量是进入预算的好方法。不仅如此,它们对于那些’t have a whole lot of space to spare and like to keep things tidy. 帽’■可调哑铃套可以很好地代表您以合理的价格获得的产品。它具有四个2.5磅重的盘子,四个5磅重的盘子,总重达到40磅。 

That is more than decent for beginners. With adjustable dumbbells, safety is a real concern. What we like about 帽 is that their bars are properly machined and come with equally as good safety rubber trimmed collars. Speaking of which, it is the little details that really put make this set worthy of being our top pick. 

Those rubber collars we have mentioned prevent the plates from moving and ensure a positive fit when you tight everything down. Chances of those collars coming loose are slim to none as those rubber inserts lock the entire system down pretty effectively. Last but not the least, 帽 ships these with plastic cases. You can use the case to store the weights when you are not using them, or during transport.

我们从名单上开始,来自Yes4All的大量初学者哑铃。我们这里提供的是乙烯基涂层的哑铃配重,颜色选择范围从2lb到15lb。当您处理诸如此类的基本重量(显然是针对初学者)时,对它们进行颜色编码可以使生活变得更加轻松。这些具有1.4的六角头和手柄″ in diameter. 

关于Yes4All的很酷的事情 ’重量是事实,它们以1磅为增量递增。作为初学者,体重的逐渐增加使一切变得不同。就质量而言,Yes4All选中了所有正确的复选框。你可以’用乙烯基涂层包裹的实心铸铁芯不会出错。这些权重可以让您随心所欲,也可以随心所欲。 


帽’s barbell cast iron hex dumbbell weights are a stark contrast to the model we have just talked about. Not only are they more traditional in nature, but these also come in more standardized weights. 帽 has catered thee weights for commercial use which is obviously apparent from the generally bare bones design. In other words, these weights feature cold cast iron build, very rustic black finish, simple yet very visible weight labels and a basic grip texture. 

With that said, there is something distinctly familiar about this design, something that inspires confidence and keeps you coming back to them. When it comes to actual weights available, 帽 offers these in 3,5, 8, 10, 12, 15 pound options. Those are their ‘non standard’重量。高于15磅时,您可以5磅的增量获得这些重量,最高可达120磅。 

This is exactly why we have decided to include 帽 Cast Iron Hex 哑铃 on our list in the first place. Not only can you start off with very moderate weights, but as you progress, you have the option to enlarge your dumbbell collection all while sticking to the very same design. This way the weights will always feel familiar and look uniform.

After taking a short excursion into the more serious weights from 帽, we are back to truly beginner oriented models. The weights we want to show you next come from j/fit and represent one of the most affordable actual sets you can get at the moment. These dumbbells not only feature all of the basic weights you would need as a beginner, but they come with a very simple yet convenient rack. 

该包装带有三对砝码,包括3lb,5lb和8lb颜色编码的套件。关于j / fit的酷事’哑铃是事实,’再浸入氯丁橡胶中。通常当你’在处理铸铁芯,氯丁橡胶涂层的砝码时,涂层在一段时间后可能会开始崩裂的可能性很小。通过提供两层氯丁橡胶涂层,j / fit大大降低了发生这种情况的机会。 

实际上,这意味着您绝对不’这些特殊的哑铃不需要太温柔。此外,值得一提的是,这些灯对于那些喜欢旅行的人来说足够轻。虽然你可能不’不想带他们去国外 ’非常适合周末度假。

Our next pick comes from 帽, but this time we are looking at beginner oriented vinyl dipped dumbbells which are very similar to the other such models on our list. 帽 is one of the few brands who really went out of their way to offer affordable, value oriented beginner dumbbell weights. Their entire vinyl series are color coded and come in  sizes that include 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, and 15 lb. 

That puts them right up there with the average on the market. As far as design goes, 帽 took the proven route. Cast iron cores with hex heads and quality vinyl coating has been the go to choice across the industry. If there’s one thing that sets 帽’除了其余的乙烯基系列,它’乙烯基涂料的质量。 

Despite it being fairly similar in feel and appearance to other high end competitors on the market, the stuff that 帽 uses for their coating is actually very durable. Their vinyl coating can take a real beating without chipping, cracking or suffering any other type of damage. At this price, 帽 has definitely nailed the perfect price to quality ratio.


Anyways, where most other brands went with color coded system, 帽 went with an all black finish. Aside from the obvious difference in size, you can tell these weights apart by the large printed labels on the face of each dumbbell. In terms of build quality, 帽 offers their standard rock solid iron cores and very durable neoprene coating. 

整个包装非常紧凑。机架可以使用,但不能使用’t take too much space. If you travel frequently, 帽’氯丁橡胶32磅套是您的理想选择。一旦您’使用它们完成后,它们可以完美地融合到任何背景中,这与大多数采用颜色编码的对应物不同。

如果您正在寻找高质量的单对砝码,那么SPRI豪华乙烯基系列可能正是您的选择。一般而言,SPRI在哑铃方面拥有很长且相对完整的记录。他们的乙烯基涂层系列以其耐用性和可靠的涂层而闻名。与其他提供乙烯基涂层哑铃的品牌一样,SPRI hasn’竭尽全力改变游戏规则。 

取而代之的是,他们使用了与大多数其他品牌相同的设计。这里的关键在于涂层和那些铁芯。 SPRI找到了一种方法来保持其合理的价格,同时提供全面的统计数据。谈到可用尺寸时,您可以得到1磅到20磅的任何重量。重量从1磅到10磅不等,以1磅为增量。 








如果您要传教, 可调套哑铃 可能是最好的方法。另一方面,如果您更喜欢有氧运动,那么一组不错的乙烯基或氯丁橡胶哑铃是您的不二之选, 女性的绝佳举重选择.